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Network Access Devices

Network Taps


Network taps provide secure In-Line access to your network for security, analysis, and monitoring tools. Our reliable line of network taps are fault-tolerant, non-intrusive, and invisible on your network.

Link Aggregation Taps

Link Aggregation Taps

The SINGLEstream™ Link Aggregation Tap combines full duplex data into one single stream, allowing any connected monitoring device to receive a full-duplex stream of data with only one NIC. Dual Link Aggregation Taps allow you to monitor two separate networks with one monitoring tool. All SINGLEstream™ Link Aggregation Taps are available in a variety of media types and come with multiple monitoring ports.

Network Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers

Our Data Access Switches also known as Network Packet Brokers or Matrix Switches allow network traffic to be aggregated, copied or directed to specific ports for use by monitoring tools

Bypass Switches

The DURAstream™ Bypass Switch is an easy-to-manage external active bypass providing failover and TAP capabilities for data monitoring of critical network segments. Deploying a DURAstream™ Bypass Switch ensures uptime of critical links regardless of in-line device performance by diverting critical network traffic away from malfunctioning in-line devices until such devices are operating normally.



From cables and connectors to rack mounts and power supplies, Datacom Systems provides everything you need to access your network.